VUDS: The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey

The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey (VUDS) is a spectroscopic redshift survey of ~10.000 very faint galaxies selected using a combination of photometric redshifts and color properties. This allowed observations of galaxies at a very early stages of their formation and evolution – redshift range 2 < z ≲ 6. Additionally the survey covers big area of 1 deg2 separated between three independent fields: COSMOS, ESDFS and VVDS-02h – mitigating cosmic variance effects

This unprecedented large high-redshift spectroscopic survey allows to accurately study:

  • The evolution of the global star formation rate and build up of the mass function for galaxies with different properties.

  • Clustering of galaxies and the mass growth of underlying dark matter halos at the early stages of the universe evolution

  • Contribution of mergers to the mass growth of galaxies

  • Properties of a very young galaxies

  • and many more

In BP4 department Anna Durkalec use VUDS survey to study galaxy clustering in the Halo Occupation Distribution model (HOD) framework.