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Announcement of recruitment conditions for PhD School

Announcement of recruitment conditions for PhD School
The recruitment conditions for the PhD School, jointly coordinated by National Centre for Nuclear Research and Institute for Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, have been announced. ----

Award for a method of localizing places of dangerous substances release

  Piotr Kopka, MSc, from the MANHAZ Centre, operating in NCBJ, received the second prize for young scientists on the NERIS conference in Roskilde, Denmark. The awarded paper concerned implementation of stochastic analyses in the issue of localisation of hazardous substances release in urban area. The implementation has been successfully evaluated on data acquired during an experiment in the centre of London. ----

Press conference of Prime Ministers Morwiecki and Gowin – NCBJ Director General Professor Krzysztof Kurek’s speech

On the 23rd April Prime Ministers Mateusz Morawiecki and Jarosław Gowin have visited Świerk. The visit was concluded by a joint press conference with NCBJ Director General Krzysztof Kurek. The topic of the conference was awarding Polish applicants with 3 out of 13 EU grants in the Teaming for Excellence competition. The grants were expected to aid in creation of Excellence Centres and our NOMATEN project was one of the winners. ----

IChTJ and NCBJ PhD school: agreement signed

Professors Krzysztof ~Kurek and Andrzej Chmielewski (foto: Marek Pawłowski / NCBJ)
Today, Directors of both Institutes, Professor Andrzej Chmielewski and Professor Krzysztof Kurek, have signed an agreement on coordination of PhD school. The agreement’s validity is for an indefinite period. The student will be able to obtain a PhD title in physics or chemistry. The courses will begin in October. ----

Centenary medals for Professor Strupczewski and Professor Wrochna

Independence Centenary Medal  (foto: Ministry of Energy)
Today, Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski has awarded NCBJ Professor Andrzej Strupczewski and Professor Grzegorz Wrochna with Independence Centenary Medals. They were given to the honoured researchers by the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. ----

NOMATEN Excellence Centre an important element of European Research Area

NOMATEN Centre of Excellence, created in Świerk in NCBJ, will receive 15 million euro of assistance from European Union. The project was prepared in NCBJ with the contribution from the French CEA and Finnish VTT company. The scientists from the Centre will research materials intended for use in extreme conditions. ----