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Achievements and awards

Dr. William Pearson receives the scholarship for outstanding young scientists

dr William James Pearson
"My work so far was focused on the formation and evolution of galaxies using modern machine learning methods" - explains Dr. William James Pearson of the NCBJ Astrophysics Division. Dr. Pearson received one of this year's scholarships from the Minister of Education and Science for outstanding young scientists demonstrating significant achievements in scientific activity. ----

Achievements of NCBJ athletes during the Atomiade 2022 Games

On June 10–13, 2022, 17 Olympic Games of Scientific Institutes took place. This year the organizer Was the CEA Grenoble. Over 1,000 scientists representing 26 research institutes from 10 European countries participated in the competition, including NCBJ employees who won many medals. ----

CANIS is the laureate of the TERAZ POLSKA competition

System CANIS w Kuźnicy Białostockiej
The system for non-invasive inspection of large-size goods CANIS, a joint work of PID Polska and the NCBJ Nuclear Apparatus Department, Was this year’s winner of the Teraz Polska emblem in the innovation category. In Świerk, among others, the heart of the device, i. e. the accelerator being the source of the gamma ray scanning beam. Today, at the ceremony at the Presidential Palace, Agata Kornhauser-Duda presented the representatives of our institutions with the diploma and the statuette of the emblem. ----

The work of OR POLATOM scientists among the most cited publications of the Nuclear Medicine Review

Once again, the article describing the research of scientists from the POLATOM Radioisotope Center Was among the five most cited publications of the Nuclear Medicine Review journal in 2017-2021. The diploma awarded by the Editorial Board Was presented to the authors during the 17th Congress of the Polish Society of Nuclear Medicine in Białystok on May 26–28, 2022. ----

Prof. Michał Kowal in the Scientific Council of the GANIL research center

Dr hab. Michał Kowal, prof. NCBJ – fot. archiwum prywatne, Michał Kowal
Prof. Michał Kowal, Head of the NCBJ Theoretical Physics Department, joined the Scientific Council of the French research center GANIL (French: Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds – Great National Heavy Ion Accelerator). Along with other members of the Council, prof. Kowal will shape the institute’s research program. ----