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Achievements and awards

Dr. Eng. Karol Wawrzyniak joined the RES team

April 2 this year Mini­ster of Cli­mate Michał Kur­tyka has set up a Team for the Deve­lop­ment of the Rene­wa­ble Energy Sour­ces Indu­stry and Bene­fits for the Polish Eco­nomy. It will be a con­sul­ta­tive and advi­sory body that atta­ches to the Mini­ster, who is respon­si­ble for cli­mate and energy. Dr Eng. Karol Waw­rzy­niak from the Inter­di­sci­pli­nary Depart­ment of Energy Ana­ly­sis NCBJ is now in charge of the local energy dimen­sion. ----

16 million for clinical research on tandem therapy

The Project „The use of the LutaPol/ItraPol (177Lu/90Y-DOTATATE) tandem therapy as an effective tool for the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors” coordinated by POLATOM was eligible for funding in the Medical Research Agency’s competition to support non-commercial clinical research. ----

100% of our projects made it to the Map

On January 14th, Minister of Science and Higher Education published a list of strategic research infrastructures present on the Polish Map of Research Infrastructure. Among 70 approved projects, 7 proposals were prepared by scientists form NCBJ. These include four projects for the new national research structures and three projects of participation in international projects. ----

How to check if turbulence is dangerous for the reactor?

Visualisation of flow oscillations in the area between two reactor rods. (Photo from the presentation by Tomasz Kwiatkowski / NCBJ)
Doctoral project of Tomasz Kwiatkowski, MSc Eng, has been nominated by the international association NUGENIA to be presented in the young scientist competition at the periodic world conference FISA 2019 / EuradWaste’19 beginning on the 4th June in Romania. The Polish scientist researches impact of turbulent flow of the coolant on safety of nuclear reactors. ----

Award for a method of localizing places of dangerous substances release

  Piotr Kopka, MSc, from the MANHAZ Centre, operating in NCBJ, received the second prize for young scientists on the NERIS conference in Roskilde, Denmark. The awarded paper concerned implementation of stochastic analyses in the issue of localisation of hazardous substances release in urban area. The implementation has been successfully evaluated on data acquired during an experiment in the centre of London. ----