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Centre for Design and Synthesis of Molecularly Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (CERAD)

Associate Professor Engineer Renata Mikołajczak in scientific committee of ARRONAX institute

Associate Professor Engineer Renata Mikołajczak (photo: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)
Associate Professor Engineer Renata Mikołajczak (POLATOM@NCBJ) joined the International Scientific Committee of ARRONAX institute in France. Institute, the name of which is an abbreviation of Accelerator for Research in Radiochemistry and Oncology at Nantes Atlantic possesses a cyclotron with energy up to 70 MeV used mainly for production of strontium-82, as well as germanium-68 and astatine-211. Experience in production of the last of these isotopes can be very valuable for cyclotron CERAD constructed in Świerk. ----

RadFarm Doctorate Studies Inauguration

Inauguration of RadFarm studies (photo: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)
On 4th October doctorate studies were inaugurated in Świerk under RadFarm project - Radiopharmaceuticals for molecularly targeted diagnostics and medical therapy. 17 listeners will be attending the lectures and led their own research in four cooperating scientific units. The course is co-funded by National Centre for Research and Development's POWER programme. ----

About the CERAD project at the NOMATEN Conference

During the three-day NOMATEN Scientific Workshop (Świerk, 15-17.05.2018), a parallel session was organized for young radiopharmaceutical researchers as well a plenary session on radiopharmaceuticals, which ended with a round table discussion. Over 10 presentations were delivered, including three plenary talks. ----