Detektory dla szkół

Detectors for Schools Programme

       We invite secondary schools from all over Poland to prepare educational projects in the field of ionizing radiation physics. From our side, we offer the free-of-charge rental of Geiger-Müller counters (didactic version) and CosmicWatch cosmic radiation counters, online training in the use of these detectors and substantive assistance.

       The project must describe the planned measurements – performed by pupils with the borrowed devices. This description must also include the aim of measurements, outline of what measurements are to be taken, the duration of the project (it should be limited to 3 weeks) and the number of pupils involved in the project. The rental of equipment depends on prior approval of the project by DEiS.

      It is advised that before starting the preparation of the project one reads the documents linked below in the „Attachments” section. Those are in Polish only and include a template for the project form, operating manuals for the counters, rent agreement template and equipment transfer report template.

      The project forms (preferably in an electronic form) or any questions should be sent by e-mail to the DEiS secretariat (mailto: deis@ncbj. gov. pl – see „Contact” frame on the right-hand side of this page).

Warning! Codes for the CosmicWatch counters on offer – either the Arduino „firmware” or PC software for the communication – are NOT compatible with other versions of the software that can be found on the Internet. Therefore we strongly recommend that only the software provided on this webpage (or included with the rented detectors) is used for the data collection.

Attachments (in Polish):

Project template: .docx version for electronic filling

Project template: .pdf version to be filled manually and scanned

Rent Agreement (template for inspection)

Equipment Transfer Report (template for inspection)

Didactic Geiger-Müller counter operating manual

Operating manual for the PC program to communicate with Didactic Geiger-Müller counter

Operating manual for the CosmicWatch counter

Operating manual for the PC program to communicate with CosmicWatch counter

Backup Arduino codes for the CosmicWatch counters