Price list

Class Price per group (PLN) Max. size (pers.)*
Sightseeing of the MARIA reactor (including introductory lecture on reactor basics)





Lecture (listed), either basic or advanced 250 32
Sightseeing of LPD (Radiation Protection Measurements Lab) 300 32
Sightseeing of LBM (Materials Research Lab) 300 32
Sightseeing of PNT (Science and Technology Park) Labs 300 32
Sightseeing of Vehicle Scanning System SOWA 300 32
Didactic Laboratory: group up to 16 participants 1000 16
Didactic Laboratory: group up to 30 participants 1800 30

„DEiS specialty class”

  • Lecture on electromagnetic radiation
  • Lecture on Radioactivity. α, β and γ rays
  • Introductory lecture on reactor basics
  • Sightseeing of the MARIA reactor
1200 32
Workshop for schools 800 16

* The maximum size refers to the number of participants. We accept up to 3 persons in the supervising roles per group. In the limited number of cases (for instance lectures only and NOT for visits that include the MARIA reactor) group may exceed stated limit by up to 4 participants.


The price of a tour includes a set of educational extras (brochures and posters in Polish).

For classes and activities not listed above the price is set individually.

For training classes, summer practicum etc. contact the secretariat of DEiS (see „Contact” frame). Price is set individually.

Please read and follow the advice How to arrange the visit to NCBJ before contacting us regarding your visit.