System Skanowania Pojazdów SOWA

Vehicle Scanning System SOWA

SOWA Was deve­lo­ped by the team of scien­ti­sts, engi­ne­ers, and desi­gners wor­king for NCBJ’s Par­ticle Acce­le­ra­tion Phy­sics & Tech­no­logy Divi­sion. Its ope­ra­tion part is housed com­ple­tely in a stan­dar­di­zed ship­ping con­ta­iner that can be trans­por­ted any­where. Rönt­gen radia­tion is pro­du­ced by the X-ray tube loca­ted on the roof of the con­ta­iner. In the floor and back walls of the con­ta­iner, a set of detec­tors is loca­ted. The sys­tem allows pro­du­cing clear and reada­ble pic­ture sho­wing the deta­ils of the scan­ned object up to a sub­mil­li­me­tre scale. The scan­ned vehicle is moved auto­ma­ti­cally inside the con­ta­iner, so there is no radia­tion risk for the dri­ver. The walls of the con­ta­iner act as pro­tec­tive shiel­ding which makes the sys­tem safe for the per­son­nel, dri­ver, and any bystan­ders. The scan­ning takes about 2 minu­tes, the pic­ture obta­ined may be ana­ly­zed on-line and imme­dia­tely after the scan­ning. The impor­tant feature of the sys­tem is very good ima­ging of the chas­sis and side­walls of the x-rayed vehicle.

The sys­tem may be used not only for the customs and excise con­trols but also for secu­rity checks and tech­ni­cal inspec­tions. Thanks to high scan­ning pre­ci­sion even small, hid­den objects, tech­ni­cal modi­fi­ca­tions, or damage may be easily found out. The sys­tem can be easily trans­por­ted to a new bor­der cros­sing, high­way par­king place, or entrance to the pro­tec­ted area.

SOWA sight­se­eing tour lasts about 45 minu­tes.