Department of Complex System (DUZ)

Room 16, building 88
05-400 Otwock-Świerk
tel. +48 22 273 16 87
tel./fax +48 22 273 16 87
address book DUZ
Director of the Department
Professor Wojciech Wiślicki

+48 22 273 29 38
+48 22 273 16 80


Department scope of activities

1. To operate/maintain/develop Świerk Computer Centre (CIS), an IT infrastructure built to enable/support studies of very complex systems.
2. To conducts R&D works on IT technologies.
3. To offer computational/implementation services.

Department structure

  1. Laboratory for Information Technologies (UZ1)
  2. Division of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Studies (UZ3)

Laboratory for Information Technologies (UZ1)

Responsibilities include:

  • To operate CIS high-performance IT infrastructure.
  • To maintain/develop the infrastructure.
  • To take care of the IT security within the Centre/for all Centre’s remote users.
  • To provide basic networking/operating system services.
  • To provide application services related to IT technologies.
  • To carry out related R&D works.

Division of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Studies (UZ3)



1. Safety analyses of nuclear reactors and related technical facilities.
2. R&D works on:

  • modelling of new reactor technologies
  • heat-flow computations, both in complex natural systems (atmosphere, rock formations) and industrial facilities (cooling systems, transport systems, other systems)
  • mathematical methods/computational models/other software tools dedicated for various safety/threat/risk analyses in case of severe accidents in nuclear/chemical facilities, during transport of dangerous substances, or connected with emission of pollutants to the environment (health hazards, environmental hazards)

3. Development of methods dedicated to data analysis/reconstruction/simulation in various applications, in particular medical and biological ones.