Department of Fundamental Research (DBP)

The DBP Department comprises four Divisions:


Research topics:

  • Proton/nuclei interactions at the highest available energies (LHC, CERN, Geneva – the ALICE, CMS and LHCb experiments).
  • Neutrino oscillations and experimental determination of neutrino mass (the T2K and ICARUS experiments).
  • Proton/electron and proton/muon collisions observed to study proton structure and origin of its spin (the COMPASS and HERMES experiments). Department staff is involved also in theoretical works on the subject.
  • Hadron structure and the role of fundamental symmetries in meson and baryon-antibaryon systems in the relatively low collision energy region (the KLOE-2, WASA and BESIII experiments).
  • Super-heavy nuclei structure (the ISOLDE experiment). Department staff has been involved also in theoretical works on super-heavy nuclei synthesis / stability for many years.
  • Observations of various categories astrophysical objects including large-scale structures of the Universe, in particular properties and evolution of galaxies (the VIPERS, VVDS, AKARI projects).
  • Development of quantum cosmology aimed to explain nature of cosmological singularity, primordial gravitational radiation and problem of time.
  • Research on cosmic rays (experimental observations of energy distribution, theoretical modelling of interactions with the Earth atmosphere).

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