Development of Ionizing Radiation-Based Technologies in NCBJ Świerk

Project title: Development of Ionizing Radiation-Based Technologies in NCBJ Świerk
Total project costs: 39,705,882.35 zł
Assistance amount: 33,705,882.35 zł
Beneficiary: National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk

Project objectives

Project financial means will be used to create in Świerk a world-class centre to conduct high-quality research, outcomes of which will be applicable in science, industry, and medicine. The initiative is going not only to increase potential of NCBJ Research Centre, but will also streamline transfer of innovations by improving the coupling between the Polish science and economy.

Before 2015 four existing NCBJ laboratories are going to be modernized/equipped with some state-of-the-art research tools:

  • Accelerating Structures Lab
  • Ion & Plasma Beams Lab
  • Radiography Lab
  • Environment Monitoring Lab.

Some refurbishing and building re-construction works are also to be accomplished within the project framework. The modernized labs will be used by researchers and engineers both from NCBJ and from cooperating institutes. They are supposed to conduct R&D works in such fields as plasma research, material sciences, health protection, and environment monitoring.

Technical infrastructure (buildings, power supply lines, water supply lines etc.) and IT infrastructure (servers, fibre optic links, networks) are also to be modernized. Currently used lab rooms do not meet standards regarding heat insulation, CH, ventilation. NCBJ computer network is already 20 years old. Even if the network is regularly extended, many of its segments are still operated at rates below 100 Mb/s. Modernization of the network to a better performance level will pave the way to implementation of new services like videoconferences, e-learning etc.

Project co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazovia Voivodeship 2007-2013

4 LABy - Rozwój technologii wykorzystujących promieniowanie jonizujące