PhD Thesis Archive

Author Year Title
Gójska Aneta 2011 Ionization of Si atoms in areo-gel targets, electron capture and ionization of 3He projectiles during collision proceses
Ivanova-Stanik Irena 2020 Numerical Studies of Impurity Transport in JET ILW Discharges
Iwanowska-Hanke Joanna 2016 The comparative studies of neutron detectors in the crisis of 3He supply
Jakubowska Katarzyna 2012 Optical emission spectroscopy methods in studies of hot plasmas in tokamaks and plasma-focus facilities
Jędrzejczak Karol 2011 Measurements of neutron beams in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory
Jóźwik Przemysław 2017 Applications of ion channeling to the crystal deformation analysis
Kabirnezhad Monireh 2018 Improvement of Single Pion Production
Kalinowska Zofia 2014 Study of the laser radiation/shock wave energy transformation from the theromonuclear reaction impact ignition point of view
Kasztelan Marcin 2019 Oddziaływania neutronów, porównanie pomiarów z symulacjami
Klimaszewski Konrad 2010 Determination of gluon polarisation in the nucleon from events with high-pT hadron pairs in COMPASS experiment
Kovalenko Oleksandr 2020 Measurement of π0 and η mesons in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with ALICE photon spectrometer at CERN Large Hadron Collider
Kowalski Paweł 2020 Design and optimization of the strip PET scanner based on plastic scintillators
Kwiatkowski Roch 2014 Analysis of results of new measurements of ions/electrons/visible light in PF-360/PF-100 facility plasmas
Kwiatkowski Tomasz 2022 Towards the numerical prediction of flow and heat transfer in a tightly spaced rod bundle