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LHC, the mightiest particle accelerator in the world, ready for Run 2

Tunel LHC (fot. CERN)
Physicists all over the world have been eagerly waiting for that moment. LHC is ready for start-up after Long Shutdown 1. Just like in a next season of a good seque, even more exciting events are expected in the coming LHC Run 2 as compared to discovery of the Higgs boson that crowned Run 1 two years ago. ----

EWA and MARIA confirm competences of Polish scientists

EWA construction site
EWA, the first nuclear reactor ever operated in Poland and MARIA, the sole research nuclear reactor operated in Poland helped Polish scientists to perfect their competences in designing/con­structing and safe operation of nuclear power plants.   ----

COMPASS yields key data on strong interactions

COMPASS yields key data on strong interactions
COMPASS experiment run in CERN reported in Physical Review Letters that thay obtained key data on strong interactions ----

Modern vocational education offer from NCBJ

Students on a training course in NCBJ (February 2014) (photo Justyna Wojciechowicz)
NCBJ offers curricula, textbook model, set of lab exercises worked out to improve science teaching performance in technical secondary/vocational schools. Scientists intend also to establish Mazovian Nucleonics Network, a forum to disseminate knowledge on ionising radiation-related topics. ----

40 years of the MARIA research reactor

Serce reaktora Maria
MARIA is a research reactor operated in NCBJ Świerk near Warsaw primarily for physical research and to train staff for nuclear industry and radiation protection needs. It produces also radiopharmaceuticals, special materials/radioactive sources for industry, environment protection and healthcare. ----