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Sightseeing the MARIA reactor

NCBJ Education & Trainings Division invites organised groups of high school/college students to participate in:

  • lectures on broadly understood atomic science & technology, including socially controversial topics related to radiation protection (groups up to 30 persons);
  • laboratory workshops (groups up to 16 persons);
  • sightseeing the MARIA reactor and several NCBJ labs (Materials Testing Lab, Radiation Survey Lab)  (groups up to 30 persons).

As much as the time allows, we strive to serve also smaller groups.

SEE PRICELIST (excluding transport; for transport services see Webpage of our NCBJ Bus Transport Division or call 22 273 1626).

How to organize an excursion to NCBJ?

  1. Select the type of activity you are interested in (lecture, laboratory workshop, sightseeing).
  2. Call (+48) 22 273 16 12 and book excursion date. The following data will need to be supplied:
    • Name/surname, email, and phone number of the excursion organizer,
    • Name/surname and mobile number of the group chaperon,
    • Requested date,
    • Number of persons in the group,
    • Topics of the selected lectures.
  3. Before coming call (+48) 22 273 16 12 to confirm the booking.
  4. Download the participants list form (see below), fill up/sign 2 (two) copies of it, and bring the copies to Świerk. Bring also IDs of all excursion participants.
  5. Come to Świerk and enjoy.

For detailed instructions contact:
NCBJ Education & Trainings Division
phone 22 273 16 12
fax 22 71 00 140


ATTENTION: Each participant of an excursion to Świerk agrees to use in the future his/her images filmed/photographed during the excursion in NCBJ promotional materials.


Tip: The Bar56 cafeteria operated near the NCBJ Entrance Gate and Pass Office offers tasty and healthy lunches at very attractive prices. Call 22 27 31 110 or 502 102 758 or see cafeteria's Webpage (in Polish)


Excursions to the MARIA reactor (photo NCBJ)
Excursions to the MARIA reactor (photo NCBJ)
Excursions to the MARIA reactor (photo NCBJ)
Excursions to the MARIA reactor (photo NCBJ)