Electronics and Detection Systems Division (TJ2)

Contact Data

05-400 Otwock, Świerk
phone +48 22 27 31 603
e-mail TJ2@ncbj.gov.pl

Division Head

Dr Michał Gierlik 
e-mail: michal.gierlik@ncbj.gov.pl


Our division performs tasks related to the design of electronics and preparation of detection systems for nuclear physics experiments and prototype industrial equipment.

A team of experienced programmers provides adequate support for the tasks carried out; starting from integrated circuit software, to the graphical user interface.

We conduct R& D works in the field of nuclear radiation detection, electronic equipment, measurement and control systems, as well as associated software for physical experiments, border protection and nuclear medicine. Two isotope labs and an accelerator lab, equipped with wide selection of gamma spectrometric detectors and having three D-T neutron generators, provide the sound resource base for tests and experiments.

The Laboratory of Environmental Protection Physics has a unique, mobile laboratory for testing air purity.

We co-operate with domestic and foreign centers as part of European and commercial projects. We are happy to work with any interested entity whose project requires an original and individual electronic solution and related software.