What matters, and what can you do with ePUAP?

  • You can settle various official matters via the Internet, at any time. You are not limited by offices’ working hours - you decide when you submit your application, day or night when you want.
  • You can apply for evidence that you lost or destroyed and for an ID card for your child.
  • If your driving license has expired, you can apply for a new one. Offices whose matters can be settled via ePUAP:
  • Registry office - marriage certificate, child's birth certificate or death certificate.
  • ZUS - checking whether the employer has paid your health contributions, pension contributions, sick leave; you can check all this online.
  • NFZ - application for eKUZ or health card for the trip.
  • Tax office - various PITs or forms to be completed. You can also appoint an heir or donate to someone.
  • KRK - National Criminal Register - you can download confirmation of no criminal record.
  • Employment Office - you can register as an unemployed person or take advantage of vocational training.
  • PESEL register and ID card - you can check your data and various documents related to them.
  • Public Administration Offices and Public Institutions - and many other offices - central, regional or public institutions.
  • You can set up and register your own business.
  • -Large Family Card - application for a "Large Family Card". You can also submit a general letter without a template, but a personal signature is required at the end.

After opening the website, please register. You will see three windows at the very bottom, selecting one of them, register. A form to be completed will open - name, surname, PESEL number, etc., complete everything.

Remember! After entering your login and password, you must remember them; it is essential! Are you done filling in the data? Enter the code from the picture. An SMS with a code will be sent to your phone number. Copy it and enter it in the appropriate place. You already have your ePUAP account.

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