Public Transport

Public transport in Warsaw (ZTM) includes trams, buses, metro and city rail (SKM). Warsaw city transport uses an integrated short-term and long-term ticket, divided into the 1st and the 2nd zone. Unlike short-term tickets, long-term tickets entitle you to travel with Mazovian Railway (KM) in the 1st and 2nd zone.

You can purchase short-term tickets via a special application, at the shops and from ticket machines. . You can find tickets machines on trams, buses and SKM. They accept payment cards only and validate your tickets automatically. Long-term tickets are available at ZTM customer service points.  ID or passport and a photo will be required to sign an agreement.

You may transport Luggage and animals on all ZTM transport and KM trains without extra charge. People over 70 (based on a photo document containing the date of birth) and children under the age of 8 are entitled to travel for free. 

Veturilo is one of the largest public bike rental systems in Europe, being an alternative and a cheap means of transport - the first 20 min is free of charge. It operates from the 1st of March till the 1st of November. It is an excellent complement to public transport in Warsaw and many car-sharing companies operating in the city.

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