Material Physics Department (DFM)

Room 157 building 7
05-400 Otwock-Świerk
tel. +48 22 273 16 19
książka adresowa: DFM
Director of the Department
Professor Jacek Jagielski
tel. +48 22 273 14 43

Department scope of activities

1. R&D works:

  • in condensed matter physics/material science and engineering
  • on materials applicable in nuclear power generation industry/fuel cycle
  • on experimental methods/techniques/IT tools applicable in that field.

2. Providing material testing services to external entities.

Department structure

  1. Material Testing Lab (LBM)
  2. Nuclear Methods in Solid State Physics Division (FM1)
  3. Plasma/Ion Beam Technology Division (FM2)

Material Testing Lab (LBM)


  • Basic research in material science and engineering.
  • Testing of microstructure, strength before and after irradiation, corrosion resistance.
  • Expert opinions/material testing/attesting services offered to external entities.

LBM’s Quality Assurance System has been certified by Polish Accreditation Centre.

Nuclear Methods in Solid State Physics Division (FM1)


R&D works on utilization of nuclear radiation/X-rays in condensed matter physics, in particular studies of condensed matter structure using neutron scattering/diffraction, X-ray diffraction, and Mossbauer spectroscopy.

Plasma/Ion Beam Technology Division (FM2)


  • R&D works on interaction of plasma/ion beams with solids.
  • Applications of plasma/ion beams for modification of surfaces of materials.