Materials Research Lab (LBM)

Contact Data

05-400 Otwock
phone/fax +48 22 27 31 061

Lab Acting Head

Eng. Łukasz Kurpaska, PhD


Lab's mission is to:

  • research
  • diagnose
  • re-attest

irradiated and non-irradiated structural materials and their welds using both destructive and non-destructive sampling methods.

12 lead-shielded chambers for activities up 100 Ci (3.7×1012 Bq) inter-connected with a transport tunnel are equipped with technological systems and apparatus dedicated for investigation of properties of strongly irradiated structural materials.

Lab is a link of the national system of tracking illicit trafficking of nuclear/radioactive materials within framework of the Material Diagnostics Centre operated in Świerk since 2003. The system is based on some state-of-the-art gamma spectrometers.

Lab cooperates with respective centres in France and Russia.

Each year Lab organizes "Materials Research for the Power Generation Industry" national seminar.