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In memory of Director Jerzy Kozieł

The late Jerzy Kozieł
On 14th July 2019, Mr. Jerzy Kozieł, who was associated with our institute for a few decades, passed away. He finished his career on NCBJ as the Director for Radiological Safety and Protection of the Świerk Institute. Janusz Jaroszewicz, Deputy Director of NCBJ Nuclear Facilities Operations Department, reminisces the late, who will forever remain in the memory of older employees. ----

Late Professor Wojciech Królikowski

Professor Wojciech Królikowski
It is with deep regret that we inform you about the passing of Professor Wojciech Królikowski. He passed away on 29th April 2019. He Was an outstanding physicist closely connected to our institute and a full member of Polish Academy of Sciences. For students of physics of several generations, Professor Królikowski Was, together with Wojciech Rubinowicz, an author of a textbook „Theoretical mechanics” first published in 1955, and then subsequently re-released nine times. I Was using it as a student, then it came in handy when I Was preparing my lectures and now I’m reading it when I want to check, for example, Hamilton-Jacobi equation. And yet, this legendary textbook is only a small part of Professor’s legacy, an episode of an early era of his brilliant career. ----

In memory of Professor Eryk Infeld

Professor Eryk Infeld, working
With great regret we inform about the death of Professor Eryk Infeld. He passed away on March 14, 2019. ----

Late dr Andrzej Trzciński

Dr Andrzej Trzciński from Nuclear Physics Division of National Centre for Nuclear Research passed away.
On 16th January 2019 on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, Dr Andrzej Trzciński NCBJ Nuclear Physics Division, Department of Fundamental Research, sadly passed away. ----

Memento of Professor Roman Żelazny by Krzysztof Andrzejewski

... We have gotten a permission for purchase from USA, but under condition, that the computer would be frequently inspected by the Americans, which in turn required to break the local reluctance. This was achieved and in 1973 CYBER 72 was placed in Świerk in the CYFRONET computing centre, that was led by Professor Żelazny. The institute employed about 100 people, both with Reactor Computing Division. ... ----