Spectrometric electronics

We offer a set of modular electronic instruments that together with Tukan8k multichannel analyser make up a complete spectrometer of ionising radiation. The set consists of a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector, a HV power supply, and a spectrometric pulse amplifier. Each module is implemented on a 3U x 220 mm printed circuit board. All modules are housed together in a standard EURO 3U cassette.

NaI(Tl) scintillation detector

Dimensions of the NaI(Tl) crystal 2"x2"
Photomultiplier XP3212B
Energy resolution ≤ 7% for Cs137
High voltage divider, integrating preamplifier, and magnetic shield integrated within the detector housing.


1.5 kV power supply

Output regulated 0…1.5 kV, + polarity
Rated output current 2 mA
Output temperature stability     ±0.01%/oC
Output load stability ±0.001%
Ripples less than 0.008% p-p
Voltage reading 4-digit LED display


Spectrometric pulse amplifier

Gain (coarse and fine regulation) 2.5…1500 V/V
Shaping time constant 0.5–1–2–4 µs
Integral non-linearity better than ±0.05%
Noise (at 2 μs shaping, gain >100 V/V)    ≤ 8 µV RMS related to input
Polarity of input pulses +/–, tailing time constant ≥ 40 μs
Output pulses unipolar/bipolar, linear up to 10V
Additional features: Pole-zero compensation circuit (P/Z)
Gated base-line restorer circuit


Contact Eng. Dariusz Wolski (phone 048 22 273 1547, e-mail dariusz.wolski@ncbj.gov.pl) to get more technical information.