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Polish free electron laser – PolFEL

A superconducting photocathode with an innovative design will power PolFEL

Stanowisko do badania fotokatod w NCBJ (foto: NCBJ)
Scientists from the NCBJ have been developing an innovative superconducting photocathode, that will allow the currently built Polish free-electron laser PolFEL to operate effectively in a continuous wave mode. This will allow distinguishing PolFEL from other such devices in the world. Detailed information was inclosed in the September issue of Vacuum magazine. ----

2020 PolFEL workshop - 21.01.2020

The Polish free elec­tron laser PolFEL is cur­ren­tly being built at NCBJ in Świerk. In about three years it will be made ava­ila­ble to scien­ti­sts Free elec­tron lasers allow to study mate­rials, che­mi­cal mole­cu­les, bio­lo­gi­cal mole­cu­les and the dyna­mics of the pro­ces­ses in which they par­ti­ci­pate. The pre­ci­sion of such tests is not ava­ila­ble by other methods. ----

Agreement on funding the construction of PolFEL signed

NCBJ Director General Professor Krzysztof Kurek and Director of National Information Processing Institute Dr Olaf Gajl, have signes an agreement on funding the construction of Polish free electron laser in Świerk. It is the next step in implementation of this investment. Professor Kurek mentioned this project during an inauguration on cybersecurity conference (video). ----

Polish free electron laser getting closer

The decision on allocating over 118 million zł on this project has reached NCBJ, where the before-mentioned device will be constructed. The project will receive scientific and technological support thanks to, among other things, cooperation of NCBJ with the creators of the most powerful device of this type in the world, operating in Hamburg for a year. ----

PolFEL will be built! Polish free electron laser in Świerk recieved funding

Today OPI has announced the authorised ranking list in POIR comperition No 2. Our project has reached second place and will recieve funding on the level over 118 million zł. Soon we will provide more information on this new, important device. ----