PhD degree scholarship – experimental neutrino physics

Competition opened on: 
20 Jun 2018 - 13:15
Application submission deadline: 
30 Aug 2018 - 23:45

NCBJ is inviting students of physics to apply for 4 year-duration doctoral studies in Warsaw Neutrino Group in the T2K neutrino experiment. Partially scholarship will be coverd by founding from OPUS-2016/21/B/ST2/01092 project financed by National Science Center (NCN). The student is expected to complete his/her PhD degree thesis in elementary particle experimental physics during that time.

Only persons who meet the requirements specified by NCN in the Regulations of issuing study grants for young scientists (in Polish), see are eligible to apply.

The project is currently under accomplishment by Warsaw Neutrino Group (http: // in cooperation with a group of theoreticians from the Wrocław University. Project will be realized within the T2K experiment ( T2K is an experiemnt searching for neutrino oscillations and measuring cross-sections of neutrino interactions. This project will be focused on investigations of interactions with correlated nucleon pairs, which are still not well known. It is expected that candidate will work on analysis on neutrino or anti-neutrino data collected by the near detector of the T2K experiment and will contribute to work dedicated to upgrade of that detector (software and for volunteer hardware as well). The upgrade of the near detector is planned to be finalized in 2021. Currently the activity is concentrated on understaning new designed scintillator detector and test of its prototype. Student is expected to contribute to understanding of detection of low momentum particles in new designed detector. Candidate will work with international team of physicists; will present his/her status of work as well during local meeting in Poland as during collaboration meetings in Japan. It is possible to stay for training perion in Japan during the doctoral studies.