Radiation Detectors and Plasma Diagnostics Division (TJ3)

Contact data

05-400 Otwock, Świerk
phone +48 22 27 31 262
e-mail TJ3@ncbj.gov.pl

Division Head

dr Agnieszka Syntfeld-Każuch

e-mail: agnieszka.syntfeld@ncbj.gov.pl


Radiation Detectors Division (TJ3) mission is to conduct R&D works in the field of detection of ionising radiation. In particular scintillation crystals read out by photomultipliers/photodiodes and semiconductor detectors are researched. Research topics include:

  • properties of scintillators intended for gamma spectrometry (light yield, energy resolution, nonproportionality etc.)
  • modern light detectors (Si-PMT / MPPC silicon photomultipliers)
  • development of neutron detectors.


Detectors developed in the Division find their applicatiion in:

  • nuclear medicine
  • border checkpoint scanners.


Semiconductor Detector Lab offers services concerning regeneration of HPGe (high-purity germanium) detectors.