Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska

The NOMATEN Centre of Excellence: functional materials for industry and medicine

Objectives of the NOMATEN project – of which the first phase was recently approved by European Commission to be initiated – will be presented. A new organization to be established within NCBJ will focus its R&D activities on new materials that are highly resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and radiative defects. Three main application areas are envisaged: (i) high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactors, HTR; (ii) chemical industry and modern technologies of burning coal; (iii) new targets for production of radiopharmaceuticals.

About Chernobyl NPP

The to-be-presented topics include:

  • Monitoring of radiation inside the “Shelter” facility
  • Monitoring of radiation inside the Chernobyl Excluded Zone
  • Examples of time evolution of radionuclide activity measured within the Chernobyl NPP fourth power unit
  • Brief description of projects in the area of nuclear safety
  • Resources of the wide-area environment monitoring system.

1. Świerk Science & Technology Park research infrastructure 2. The “Digital Reactor” project

1. Świerk Science & Technology Park research infrastructure, profile of activities undertaken in the Park, and some already accomplished research projects will be briefly presented to illustrate potential applications. 3D scanning methods offered by Structured Light 3D Scanner available in the Park will be outlined in more detail.