Laser Spectroscopy of Muonic Atoms

Speaker and affiliation: 
Professor Randolf Pohl, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
Mon, 2017-05-15 16:30
Room 0.03 (ground floor), Warsaw University Physics Faculty, 5 Pasteura str. in Warsaw

In muonic atoms, the atomic electrons are replaced by a single muon. Due to the large muon mass and correspondingly small Bohr orbit, nuclear structure effects on atomic energy levels are vastly enhanced.

We have performed laser spectroscopy on muonic hydrogen, deuterium, and helium-3 and -4 ions, with surprising results. Our value of the proton and deuteron charge radii are, for example, 5-6 standard deviations smaller than the corresponding world averages from regular atoms and electron scattering.

I will discuss the so-called "proton radius puzzle", report on more measurements in muonic atoms, and the result of a new measurement in regular atomic hydrogen.

All interested persons are invited for the seminar and also for a coffee/pastry/informal discussions to be held at entranace to room 0.03 starting 4 pm.

Barbara Badełek
Marek Pfützner
Jan Suffczyński

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