Empowering Underground Laboratories Network Usage (EUL)

Empowering Underground Laboratories Network Usage (EUL)

Interreg Baltic Sea Region co-funded project Empowering Underground Laboratories network usage (EUL) continues the work done during the Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN) project.

Underground laboratories in the Baltic Sea region are not utilized to their full potential even though world-leading research organizations and industrial companies are nearby. In order to use the available underground space better, the BSUIN project has developed service concepts for the underground laboratories and an open-access platform that characterizes them. These concepts and the platform will be further tested, evaluated, and improved within the EUL project. Better information about the laboratories and their business opportunities is provided to regional development agencies and potential new customers from academia and business.

The duration of the project is the year 2021. There are 13 partners in the project consortium. The total budget is EUR 791,157.40.

More information: http: //bsuin. eu