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NCBJ scientists awarded with NCN grants: POLONEZ BIS and SONATINA

Two NCBJ scientists were awarded with grants from competitions of the National Science Center. Wenyi Huo, PhD. from the NOMATEN Center of Excellence received a POLONEZ BIS grant for a project on high entropy alloys, while PhD. Ilkka Samuli Mäkinen received a grant from the SONATINA competition for a project on loop quantum gravity. ----

Metallic layers with high entropy are formed in NCBJ

Aluminum, titanium, nickel, niobium and tungsten – as many as five elements make up the high-entropy layers just produced at the National Center for Nuclear Research. Their production means that the center in Świerk joined the research on coatings considered to be one of the most innovative in contemporary surface engineering. ----

Incorrect reports about problems with the availability of LutaPol

Pojemniki z LutaPolem
In connection with the article in Gazeta Stołeczna entitled „Treatment of a patient with cancer was canceled. The reason? The radioisotope is imported from Russia" we explain that the reasons for the described situation do not lie on the part of NCBJ and we do not know anything about that could be associated with problems with supplies from Russia. ----

First Transient Calculation of DFR Two-fluid Reactor

Przekrój rdzenia modelowanego reaktora DFRm z wyszczególnionymi rurami paliwowymi (kolor żółty), chłodziwem (kolor różowy), reflektorem (kolor niebieski) i powłoką z węglika krzemu (kolor zielony). Źródło:
Comprehensive research and models of their operation are an important stage in the introduction of the concept of generation IV nuclear reactors. On the basis of the analyzes, the passive safety of the DFRm reactor Was confirmed, thanks to the determination of the temperature coefficient of reactivity. In a recent paper published in the International Journal of Energy Research, the calculation of the transients for such a reactor Was presented for the first time. ----

The NCBJ Education and Training Department takes part in the ENEN2plus project

At the end of June, the inaugural meeting of the international ENEN2plus project Was held in Brussels in a hybrid format. The project aims to build competences in the field of nuclear technologies through educational and training activities. The NCBJ Education and Training Department also participates in it. ----

Dr. William Pearson receives the scholarship for outstanding young scientists

dr William James Pearson
"My work so far was focused on the formation and evolution of galaxies using modern machine learning methods" - explains Dr. William James Pearson of the NCBJ Astrophysics Division. Dr. Pearson received one of this year's scholarships from the Minister of Education and Science for outstanding young scientists demonstrating significant achievements in scientific activity. ----

LHCb: The differences between antimatter and matter are becoming clearer

Grafika pokazująca w sposób artystyczny symetrię CP
Until now, we have not been able to measure directly and with the appropriate precision how the breaking of CP symmetry manifests itself in the decays of charm mesons. The results of the analysis of the LHCb experiment, presented at the just completed ICHEP conference in Bologna, perfectly fill this gap. ----

Symposium: Neutron Sources

Grafika poglądowa: reaktor MARIA wraz z obecnymi i planowanymi stanowiskami badawczymi
On June 22–23, 2022, a symposium devoted to the development of neutron research in Poland and Europe Was held in Świerk. The symposium initiated cooperation between Polish institutions, universities and scientists on the part of neutron source users (the „Neutrons for Polish Science” consortium) with operators and constructors of neutron generating infrastructure (including the MARIA, DONES, ESS reactor). ----

SEFAKO will cooperate with NCBJ in the HTGR project

Jacek Boruciński i Krzysztof Kurek podpisują list intencyjny
On July 5, NCBJ signed a letter of intent with Boiler Factory SEFAKO S.A. on cooperation in the field of research and development activities concerning the preparation of the technical description of the research of the HTGR editor. The task of SEFAKO will be to design and, if a decision is made to start the investment, build a Reboiler Equipment Complex in the conventional part of the installation. ----