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Open Days in Świerk

The MARIA reactor building
Come to see the Świerk reasearch centre on the last weekend of May (Saturday 30 or Sunday 31 between 9 am and 6 pm). The Open Days in Świerk event is organized by NCBJ and Radioactive Waste Management Enterpriseon the occasion of 60th birthday of the centre.  All interested will be given an opportunity to visit the most interesting facilities in Świerk, including the MARIA reactor, Świerk Computer Centre, and the POLATOM radiopharmaceuticals production facility. Due to safety reasons some minimum age limit restrictions will be enforced on some thematic tours. Dedicated playgrounds amd attractions will be organized for kids below 11. The event is free-of-charge. ----

Polish MPs met with IChTJ and NCBJ management

Spotkanie parlamentarzystów z kierownictwem instytutów jądrowych
IChTJ and NCBJ Management met with a representative of the Government and some MPs involved in developing R&D strategy for Poland. How to finance research institutions in Poland was one of the discussed topics. ----

Competition for the post of NCBJ Director General

Competition for the post of NCBJ Director General
This page available only in Polish ----

NCBJ’s booth at Scientific Picnic in Warsaw and open day in Świerk

A scene from Scientific Picnic 2014
All interested are invited to visit E26 booth organized by NCBJ on the occasion of Scientific Picnic 2015. The booth will be opened between 11 am and 8 pm on Saturday, May 9. ----

New generation plasma gun developed in Świerk

Unikatowe w skali światowej źródło plazmy IBIS II
BIS II, a globally unique plasma source developed in NCBJ, has paved the way to new applications of plasmas in science and technology. ----

Air in Świerk is clean

Mobile environmental analyses lab situated next to the MARIA reactor building
Using mobile environmental analyses lab scientists have analysed quality of air sampled in vicinity of the MARIA reactor in Świerk. Air over the nuclear research centre is clean. ----

Accelerating Structures Lab on the home run

Modern building with shielded bunkers for Accelerating Structures Lab
Construction works on NCBJ modern Accelerating Structures Lab (including bunkers) have been finished. The development has been the largest part of the „Development of Ionizing Radiation-Based Technologies in NCBJ Świerk” project. ----

Winners of the “Paths of Physics” contest 10th edition

The first prize in the research paper category was won by the “3-D sets of resistors” paper by B.Marchlewicz, T.Sokołowski and M.Zych from Płock (photo Łukasz Adamowski)
Contest finalists and their teachers did not disappoint us also this year. Standing interest in physics, knowledge combined with curiosity, perseverance in looking for the answers, joy from discovering the nature were all presented by students during jubilee 10th edition of the “Paths of Physics” contest finals ceremony held traditionally at the PAN Institute of Physics premises in Warsaw on April 11. As usual, the winners were appointed in three categories: research paper, show, and essay. ----

Atom for Academia – contests for students

Atom for Academia – contests for students, and for student self-governing bodies/scientific groups
PGE EJ 1 invites all students of technology, social sciences, natural sciences and medicine to run in contests organized within the “Atom for Academia” programme framework. ----

Concluding ceremony of the “Paths of Physics” contest 10th edition

Paths of Physics contest logo
Concluding ceremony of 10th edition of the “Paths of Physics” contest for high school students interested in the sciences will commence at 8:30 am on April 11 in PAN Institute of Physics lecture hall (Aleja Lotników 32/46, Warsaw). ----