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New NCBJ Director General

Associate Professor Eng. Krzysztof Kurek, NCBJ new  Director General (photo.NCBJ)
NCBJ, the largest research Institute in Poland, has a new Director General. The post held for the last 8 years by Professor Grzegorz Wrochna (till September 2011 Director of Institute for Nuclear Studies, NCBJ’s predecessor) has been taken over by Associate Professor Eng. Krzysztof Kurek, former NCBJ Secretary for Scientific Matters. ----

Research on 4th generation nuclear reactors

Layout of the 4th generation reactor developed within the Allegro project framework (source: World Nuclear News)
Coordinators of the Allegro research project run by the ESNII consortium and members of the V4G4 association Steering Committee met on October 21–22 in NCBJ. The so-far done research on 4th generation gas-cooled nuclear reactors have been summed up and schedule of works planned for the coming months was accepted. ----

Diplomatic business advisors visited Świerk

Club of Business Advisors members visiting NCBJ (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
NCBJ was visited by a group of foreign diplomats associated in Club of Business Advisors at the Polish National Chamber of Commerce. During their stay in Świerk the diplomats familiarized themselves with the structure, the current research potential, and the currently available commercial offer of the largest research Institute in Poland. ----

8th edition of Int’l School on Nuclear Power

8th edition of Int’l School on Nuclear Power
8th edition of Int’l School on Nuclear Power (October 26-30, 2015) is targeted at teachers/students, public administration officials, local government employees, civil servicemen, Polish nuclear power plant investor staff, companies/universities/research institutes involved in the programme to develop the first nuclear power plant in Poland, as well as at all other persons interested in the subject.    ----

Prototype radioactivity detector for municipal water supply systems

Dr. Łukasz Świderski (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
NCBJ has developed a prototype detector to identify radioactive isotopes in water. The detector will be a key element of an innovative system built to monitor radioactive contamination in municipal water supply systems, currently under development within the European Union FP7 Security project framework. Warsaw, as the first city in the world, will test in early 2016 such a solution aimed to secure tap water consumers.  ----

Nobel prize for research on neutrino oscillations

Nobel prize
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm has announced that this year Nobel prize in physics goes to Takaaki Kajita from Japan and to Arthur B. McDonald from Canada. Polish scientists who have participated in the Super-Kamiokande Japanese experiment for many years warmly congratulate the winners. ----

Professor Wrochna gave a lecture during ceremonial inauguration of the Children’s University academic year

Inauguration of the Children’s University academic year
Children’s University new academic year was ceremonially inaugurated on October 3, 2015. During the ceremony the best lecturers and workshop leaders of the previous academic year 2014/2015 selected by the children have been distinguished and awarded. The ceremony culminated in a lecture entitled “What our Universe is made of?” given by Professor Grzegorz Wrochna, NCBJ Director General. ----

Mazovia Development Forum

Objective of the “Mazovia Development Forum” event is to promote innovativeness, entrepreneurship, and absorption of funds allocated by EU for development of the Mazovia region. This year 6th edition will be held on National Stadium in Warsaw between October 7–8, 2015. About 40 debates/presentations and numerous workshops/networking meetings in 10 thematic areas are on the agenda. ----

CERN Accelerator School (advanced edition)

CERN Accelerator School logo
CERN jointly with NCBJ has organized in Warsaw and Świerk another edition of advanced  School of Accelerators. Nearly 100 attendees from the entire world will be deepening their knowledge on accelerator physics and technology between September 27 and October 9, 2015. ----

Some Polish Nucleonic Association prizes went to students who prepared their BSc works in Świerk

Polish Nucleonic Association logo
Polish Nucleonic Association has appointed winners of the contest for the best BSc works in the atomic science field prepared during the academic year 2014/2015. ----