Seminarium doktoranckie

Introduction to Emergent Gravity Paradigm and Emergence of Cosmic Space

On the backgrounds of connections between gravity and thermodynamics, the emergence of cosmic space as cosmic time progresses is an exciting idea advanced by Padmanabhan to explain the accelerated expansion of the universe. The generalisation of Padmanabhan's conjecture to the non-flat universe has resulted in scepticism about the choice of volume such that the law of emergence can not be appropriately formulated if one uses proper invariant volume.

Electromagnetic transition form factors and Dalitz decays of hyperons

This project aims to gain information about the hyperon structure through the study of Dalitz decays of a hyperon resonance to a ground-state hyperon and an electron-positron pair. The usual framework of fixed target experiments, albeit very suitable for nucleons, is not as effective for hyperon resonances. One should consequently change the explored kinematical region, from space-like to time-like $q^2$, with the aid of crossing symmetry.


Establishment of reasonable model to simulate emergency passive coolant system in HTTR reactor

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Coordinated Research Program (CRP) on "Heat Transport and Afterheat Removal for Gas-cooled Reactors under Accident Conditions" started in November 1993. In this program, benchmark tasks were proposed for the analysis of passive afterheat removal from gas-cooled reactors (GCR) under accident conditions.