Don’t believe in every CFD results – always ask questions!

Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska
Prelegent i afiliacja: 
Piotr Prusiński
wt., 2019-05-14 11:30
CYFRONET (bud. 39), sala 172 (III piętro)

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a well-known technique for its accurate high quality results of heat and mass transfer. This quality, however, must be proven… always! In this talk I would like to rise your attention on how to receive&perceive CFD-data as well as how to questionate them. The aim of the presentation is to outline a set of general questions that are always good to ask to be sure the analysis was done with a proper care and according to state-of-the-art knowledge.

 The talk will be based on a sensitivity study conducted in a context of preparatory work towards DNS (Direct Navier-Stokes). 1 geometry with 3 different inlet velocities, 3 different heating conditions and 10 different turbulence models – in total 90 cases – will be used to assess their impact on final results.


Serdecznie zapraszamy,

M. Dąbrowski, T. Kwiatkowski

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