Neutron-star mergers in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy

Seminarium Zakładu Astrofizyki
Prelegent i afiliacja: 
dr hab Michał Bejger, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences
wt., 2017-05-30 12:30
Hoża 69 Pawilon; sala 118
Recent detections of merging black hole mergers by the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration open a new era in gravitational-wave astronomy. Another prospective type of sources are the neutron-star mergers. 
Since these stellar remnants contain matter, they constitute an even richer laboratory of strong gravity, dense matter and relativistic astrophysics. I will talk about the current status of the theory and simulations, multi-messenger aspects of the data-analysis and outlook for the future.


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