Spectroscopic Binaries in the Gaia-ESO Survey

Seminarium Zakładu Astrofizyki
Prelegent i afiliacja: 
Thibault Merle, ULB - Institut d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique; Bruxelles
wt., 2018-09-04 12:30
Hoża 69 Pawilon; sala 22

Multiplicity among field and cluster stars is ubiquitous. This fundamental characteristic is needed to explain entire classes of stars with photometric or chemical peculiarities (Ba stars, extrinsic S stars, blue stragglers, etc.). The Gaia-ESO survey (GES) is a ground-based spectroscopic survey, thought as a complement to the Gaia mission, in order to provide high accuracy radial velocities and chemical abundances for a hundred thousand stars. Among them, spectroscopic multiple stellar systems (spectroscopic binaries with one ore more components: SBn, with n ≥ 1) deserve special investigation
since the determined radial velocities and chemical abundances could be potentially affected by multiplicity. Almost all the multiple systems were previously unknown, due to their faint magnitudes. The developed SBn detection method and interesting cases such as a quadruple system candidate will be presented.


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Agnieszka Majczyna

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